Baby Care Center Introduction

Baby Care Center Introduction

There is a baby care center at both Disneyland and California Adventure. 
For both you MUST park your stroller outside!
The baby care center is a great place for so many reasons.

1. Quiet place to breastfeed or pump. 
 Although you can breastfeed or pump through out the parks, sometimes it is just nice to have a quiet spot in a nice chair. My kids are definitely distracted eaters also, so less sounds and people around make it easier to feed them. I have used the breast feeding area to both breastfeed and pump. Only moms and babies are allow in the breastfeeding area.
At the Disneyland side there is around 5 or 6 chairs that are nice and soft and are all in one area. There is also a separate curtained off area with an outlet for pumping. 
The California Adventure side has 3 chairs, each curtained off and private. There are also plugs for pumps. 
2. Changing tables
The baby care center provides paper so your child is always on a clean surface. The changing tables have 4 sides so there is no way a kid can roll off. There is also a spot to place your diaper bag where the kid cant kick or grab it which i love. 
3. Tiny toilets
To use the toilets you have to be under ___ inches tall. They have a door for privacy but mom or dad can be there to help their child. These are great for small kids afraid of the automatic flush that most of the toilets around the parks have. Also the smaller size is easier for them. 
4. Lost kids area
When kids are lost they are brought to the baby care center. Always go here first if you kid is lost, if they are not there head to city hall. 
5. Baby items vending machine
Ran out of diapers? Forgot a bottle? The vending machines in the baby care centers have all the items you could need. The also take debit and credit cards.
6. Microwave / bottle warmer
The microwaves are only for warming food for babies and toddlers. There are also bottle warmers.
7. High chairs
Although there are high chairs around the parks at restaurants, the high chairs at the baby care centers are my favorite to use. 
8. Sink 
Washing a bottle out in a bathroom sink is not fun, so the sink in the baby care centers give me a peace of mind being in a clean place. They provide Ecos brand soap which is safe for bottles and pump parts. There are also a paper towel dispenser so you can dry everything also. 
9. TV and chairs
A good place to keep one kid distracted while you take care of another, the TV is always playing Disney movies. Although it is hard to get the kids to leave! 
10. California Adventure Only - Family Restroom. 
Only on the DCA side the have a family restroom inside of the baby care center. Just a single toilet and sink are inside. Plenty of room for wheelchair accessibility.
11. Hand Sanitizer
Usually by the doors when you enter. 
12. Cast Members
The ladies that work in the baby care center are always nice and can show you where everything is. But they don't do diaper changes! 
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