Dollar Store DIY ears

Dollar Store DIY ears

For this Dollar Store DIY I am going to be showing you how I make Minnie Mouse ears. 
I went to the Dollar Store to find inspiration, and a deal! I ended up with supplies to make Halloween Ears! Although the basics from this tutorial can be used to make any type of ears!
I purchased:
Wide Spider web ribbon
Bag of Pumpkin, bat, and cat stickers
Bag of Spider, bat, and skull rings
Halloween bone and skull necklaces
Foam board
Supply List:
Exacto Knife
Cutting mat
Glue gun
Glue Sticks
1. Prepare decorations
The first thing I did was take the necklace and spray painted them an off white. They will be used around the ears for a clean look. 
2. Cut materials
Next I cut out the fabric circles, 2 for each side, and cut 4 of ear shapes out of foam board, 2 for each side. The headband cover is optional. 
3. Optional cover headband
An additional step is to cover your headband with fabric. I start by making a long line of glue in the center of the fabric and pressing the headband to it, making sure it is centered. Then I fold over one side gluing it down, and then other other side. The bottoms are last and are also folded over and glued. The fabric will be thicker so make sure you hold it in place for a few seconds. 
4. Optional braided trim 
Since I already had braided trim, i used it on the under side of the headband. This step adds extra grip on my head. 
5. Make ears
Now we work on the ears. Glue 2 of the foam board ear shapes together to make the ears thicker and stronger. 
*Note, if you are using a fabric that needs to go a specific direction, take that into account at this step!   
6. Attaching fabric to ears
This step is the hardest one. Before gluing I like to place my ear shape onto the fabric so I know exactly where to place it before there is any glue on it. 
On the foam board, glue about a quarter inch in around the ear shape, then flip it over and press it down on the fabric so the glue smooths out. 
You will want to trim around the bottom of the ears, leave enough fabric so it can still be folded over and glued for a clean look. Glue around the border of the ears a few inches at a time and fold over. The side you glue on FIRST will b the BASK SIDE of the ears. 
After the backside is finished repeat the same steps to glue on the front side of the fabric onto the ears. 
7. Adding trim
Now that all the fabric is glued on I took my bone necklace and glued it along the edge to give it a clean look. NOT putting any on the bottom that will be attached to the headband. 
8. Attaching ears to headband
before gluing the ears to the headband you want the make sure they will be straight. I like to put the headband on and use a piece of tape to mark where I want the ears to be. 
Make sure you have the front side facing the same direction. Glue one ear, holding in place for 45 seconds to give a good hold. Then glue the other ear on.
9. Finishing ears with trim
 I finished lining the front and back of the ears with more of the bone necklace. This gives it a clean look and makes the ears stronger also. 
10.  Bow
There are many ways to make bows, but when working with a lace it is as simple as cutting a square, folding it like an accordion, then wrapping a small rectangle piece around it gluing it in place to keep it held together. Your finished bow will then be glued between the ears attaching the the headband. 
11. Decorate
Lastly I glued on the bats, spider, and pumpkins. I always love to finish off my ears with a crystal hidden Mickey!
That's it!! If you used this tutorial please make sure to tag @MainStreetMindy on Instagram so I can see your creation!
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