What Annual Pass is best for you?

What Annual Pass is best for you?

When looking at what Disneyland Annual passport is best, you really need to consider a few things. I will walk you through the thought process we personally used when picking a pass for our family. 
1. Do you plan on going on weekends or weekdays? 
Since Nick works during the week, we mostly go on weekends, unless it is a special occasion. Having weekends open is a must for us which eliminates the Disney Southern California Select Passport, which has a lot of weekends blocked out. 
2. Do you plan your trips or are they spontaneous?
We are about 50/50 on this one. Sometimes it is 10 am and we decide to take off for the parks, sometimes we have planned the trip in advance. We decided the new Disney Flex Passport is not for us. 
3. How many times do you plan on going during the year? 
The amount we want to go to the parks is 2 times a month, so 24 trips a year. This factors in parking prices. If we got the Deluxe Passport for $799 plus paying for parking 24 times ($600)  you are already at $1,399, which is the cost of the highest pass, the Disney Signature Plus Passport. So we know the Deluxe Passport is not our choice. 
At this point we know the Disney Signature Passport or the Disney Signature Plus Passport would be best for us. 
4. Are you planning on going from Mid December - the new year? 
Since we have a double stroller this is a busy time of the year we would rather avoid, so we would rather save $250 per pass and NOT get the highest passport available. 
We are left with the Disney Signature Passport! 
In my opinion the best value pass is the Disney Signature Passport. As of August 2019 the pass costs $1,149. If you plan to go at least 10 times a year it is definitely worth it! Parking is included in this pass so you are not paying an additional $25 for standard parking per visit. You also get 15% off select dining and 20% off merchandise which is a pretty good discount!  
I hope this post helped you decide what pass would be best for your family!
To find out more details about Disneyland Annual Passports visit https://disneyland.disney.go.com/passes/
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